• Preliminary sketches for products, concepts and character design.
• Full color turn-arounds.
• Illustration for print or digital publication.
• Promotional material.

• Character maquettes.
• Character busts.
• Miniatures 25mm or larger.
• Prop weapons.
• Rigid, one of a kind masks.

• Flat patterned hand and rod puppets.
• Carved foam hand and rod puppets.
• Small, soft puppets with simple mechs.
• Foam fabricated armor.
• Foam fabricated weapons and props.
• Foam fabricated masks.
• Leather masks.
• Simple leather holsters, sheaths and sword frogs.
• Leather straps and accents for above listed items.

Please send a description of your project to or call 567-454-0980.
A quote will be drawn up based on your specific needs.