Zak Newman is multi-faceted artist based in Northwest Ohio where he lives with his wife,
his daughter and their three cats. He has worked in the toy industry as a designer for
three years. In that time he has attended Toy Fairs in Dallas and New York, met with
multiple inventors and set the look for several internally developed toy lines. After graduating
from Bowling Green State University with a BFA in Digital Art, Zak sought out
training in sculpting and fabrication as well. By taking courses through the
Stan Winston School of Character Arts, working with mentors in the field and lots
of trial and error, he has become skilled in mold making, character sculpting,
puppet building, leather working and prop and armor fabrication. While a
majority of his work focuses on the spooky and macabre, cute and cuddly
aren't out of his wheelhouse. Please consider Zak Newman for your design,
sculpture or fabrication projects no matter how gruesome,
or fluffy they may be.